Expert Opinions


“With reptiles there is a strong relationship between the number of different species occurring on bushland remnants and the size of the remnant. Smaller remnants have fewer species surviving long-term.”

John Dell, zoologist


“This is some of the best remnant Jarrah woodland in the Perth Metropolitan Region.”

Malcolm Trudgen, consulting botanist


“The Banksia prionotes thicket is seasonally significant for birds such as Carnaby’s Cockatoo as well as several species of honeyeater. There is no known area of similar size in the Perth Metropolitan Region.” Department of Environmental Protection


If we cannot save the cockatoos, forget about the bigger issues, if cannot save the cockatoos there is no hope and the government of Western Australia will have presided over one of the greatest environmental catastrophes of all time.

Director of the Kaarakin Black-cockatoo Rehabilitation Centre.


The objective of the DEWHA is to support the persistence and recovery of black cockatoos. Not confident that what we are doing will achieve that. Our assumption is that there is insufficient foraging. The Federal government can say “These areas are so significant they are non-negotiable.”

Officer of the federal Department of the Environment